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Cello Hero Update

In this post I linked to the Berlin Phil’s Cello Challenge. Now, video game blog Kotaku has picked up on the game. Much to my delight, their readers (I am also one myself) were generally impressed with this simple little game, one even saying it could work with a full sized plastic cello, a la Rock Band. Many also commented about how they liked Saint-Saëns’ The Swan.

I guess classical music isn’t as nerdy as I thought.

At least among other nerds.


…with a bang! (aka: Take That, Cloverfield)

I don’t know much about this guy, but he’s Finnish and this could be the European Union Youth Orchestra… this has to be one of the most awesome videos I’ve seen (well, in the classical music sense anyway.)

The way the camera shakes (it’s sitting on a timpani head) and the way this fellow grins into the camera while he’s still delivering the hammer blow makes it my favourite Mahler 6 Hammer Strike video on YouTube. (Yes these things exist and there are more after the jump.)
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Rêveries – Passions

I am rotated out until we start rehearsing Classics 1 the week after next. I’ll be doing a little traveling an also continuing to work on a CPO related project, collecting musician bios and also putting together a survey of ‘interesting’ questions for musicians to answer which marketing and development will be using for various promotional purposes. One of the questions we came up with is Who is your idol? I don’t actually idolize any bass players, but as long as I remember the great conductors of the world have always been people I’ve been deeply fascinated with. As a student Bernstein and Karajan were certainly at the top of my list, and my CD collection reflected that with those two certainly having lopsided representation. Now, as a professional I find that what I admire about certain conductors has changed and there is a certain individual that appeals to the idealist and the dreamer in me… Continue reading

Nerd Night

Last season the wippersnapper generation of the CPO got together and spent and evening watching a collection of collection of orchestral concerts on DVD, mostly belonging me. I had recently discovered the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and their astounding Mahler with Abbado. There is something both for the professional musicians and a typical audience member more engaging and thrilling about watching a great orchestra with a masterful conductor than simply listening to it. Even our most cynical friend was converted and embraced her true orchestra nerd after that night. Next week we’re getting together for Nerd Night II, and thus indoctrinating the newest members of our orchestra. There is no denying that this type of activity falls squarely into the nerd category, but a quick trip through YouTube reveals that this nerdiness can be taken to a level where not even I dare tread. Continue reading