Recording day 2.

You heard it here first, two three hour recording sessions in one day is too much. My brain is a little mushy and my butt is clearly not in shape for that kind of stool time.

Today we did tackle some of the trickier Tchaikovsky excerpts in this film, starting with the most difficult passage from the first movement of Tchaik 6, which I believe we ran about half a dozen times. Call me crazy, but holding a fff low F# for that long isn’t healthy for the body.

One of the most maddening things is that because the budget for this project hadn’t been nailed down when the ballet portions were filmed last winter, a temp score was used and now we have to sync with that recording. I won’t say who the conductor on the recording was, (he shared a wife with Frank Sinatra) but his tempos are all over the place, as evidenced by the click track we have to play along to. Tempers started to flare toward the end when we has run through a number for the sixth time in a row. We have now played parts of The Nutcracker more in the last 8 hours than I have in my whole life combined. I’ll surprised if our poor conductor doesn’t have a meltdown by the end of the second session tomorrow.

What’s keeping me entertained are the little tidbits of plot that are revealed to us. This film will have nazi bears in it. That’s about all I can reveal for now. You’ll have to wait until 8pm, December 23rd to find out what exactly nazi bears and the nutcracker have to do with each other.


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