Recording isn’t my favourite thing.

I have just returned from the first of five recording sessions for Alberta Ballet’s Secret of the Nutcracker, which will be on TV sometime this Christmas season. (See the post below for a few more details.) This is the first time I have ever done this kind of recording, which has to be synced with the visuals as we record. If I can note one thing, it is far too early in the year to have The Nutcracker lodged in my brain like so much shrapnel.

The frustrating thing about this process is, everything is played three times and never rehearsed, and more time was spent trying to line up the click-track and video to the middle of a number than it would have taken to record from scratch. Still, I think in the end it will be something I will have been proud to have been a part of. I hope to god though I am rotated out of the actual Nutcracker this year. The film stars Brian Cox, who is in a few of my favourite movies (he’s a bad guy in the first two Bourne films, he was Dr. Guggenheim in Rushmore and he was on a season of Deadwood.) I have no idea what the story is, but it seems to take place during the second world war and has all the hard parts Tchaikovsky’s sixth symphony for some unjustifiable reason. I can also be glad that it pays a lot of money on top of our salaries, for which I am grateful, as there is a new bow in my near future.

I wonder how those L.A. studio musicians get through endless amounts of this kind of work; drugs, I suspect. doing six hours a day for the next two days has me kind of worried about my short term sanity.


One response to “Recording isn’t my favourite thing.

  1. Yeah man. I hate recording. I spent too much of my training learning that ‘you can’t have your mistakes back, so just keep going’, and then it turns out not to be true.
    Tchaik 6 mixed with Nutcracker? Gevalt. I hear he actually begged his friends on his deathbed to destroy all the music for that ballet. Sounds a little dramatic, but there’s Tchaikovsky for ya.

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