Back to school

Today the CPO starts a three day recording session for a film project Alberta Ballet is releasing on Canadian TV and DVD this Christmas. It involves a lot of Tchaikovsky and some original music by John Estacio, our former resident composer, and it’s not the Nutcracker… or is it?

This is the real start to our season, we have been laid off for the last week and though I had a lovely Labour Day weekend at the lake, frankly, playing in an orchestra without a summer season makes me start to go a bit batty by the time August rolls around. This is an interesting time to be in this orchestra. We’re a smaller group, 67 full time musicians, with not too old an average age, yet retirements have suddenly become commonplace and there is a generational change well on the way. It’s exciting for me, who at the beginning of my career was the youngest in the orchestra by about 13 or 14 years. Now I have a steadily renewing crop of new friends every season. I know not everybody is completely positive about gaggles of young violinists but in this orchestra the older crowd has been quite vocal about the renewing affect a younger, and frankly less jaded generation of players has had on the orchestra. (I haven’t even mentioned the gossip that certain more experienced musicians love to engage in about the under 30 crowd.)

So I’m going to pack my lunch box and books into my backpack and head off to see my friends and meet some new ones.

In the mean time, here are two hilarious tales from the word of freelancing; a world I am sure i don’t have the fortitude to survive in myself.


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