Nerd Night

Last season the wippersnapper generation of the CPO got together and spent and evening watching a collection of collection of orchestral concerts on DVD, mostly belonging me. I had recently discovered the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and their astounding Mahler with Abbado. There is something both for the professional musicians and a typical audience member more engaging and thrilling about watching a great orchestra with a masterful conductor than simply listening to it. Even our most cynical friend was converted and embraced her true orchestra nerd after that night. Next week we’re getting together for Nerd Night II, and thus indoctrinating the newest members of our orchestra. There is no denying that this type of activity falls squarely into the nerd category, but a quick trip through YouTube reveals that this nerdiness can be taken to a level where not even I dare tread.

Actually, I lied, I find this quite interesting. What I am talking about is DVD’s of orchestras reharsing. Who would have thought selling videos of this could be a feasible business venture? Well, it is, just look here.

As I was saying, Youtube provides a glimpse into this starteling world of orchestral dorkiness, some choice selections:

Celibidache rehearsing Till Eulenspiegel in Stuttgart:

Bernstein discussing and rehearsing Mahler 9 in Vienna

    And Rite of Spring with students at Scheswig-Holstein

      Chailly doing Mahler 8 with the Concertgebouw

        And finally Karajan rehearsing Schumann in Vienna

          I assure you, i am only scratching the surface here. It’s quite frightening, the idea of people really getting into watching rehearsals, I shudder to think what kind of purchases I might have to stop myself from making in the next few months.


          One response to “Nerd Night

          1. Maybe we should start a support group – something like “I can’t rehearse, I’m watching rehearsals.”

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